In a dream, I saw an ex-boyfriend. What does it mean?

09.12.2023 A dream about an ex-boyfriend means that in reality you miss him and dream of a reunion. Also, such a dream may indicate that in communication with the current chosen one, you experience misunderstanding and anticipate a break. If you doubt that breaking up with an ex-boyfriend was the right decision, reconsider your relationship and weigh the positive and negative events.

A kiss with an ex-boyfriend

If you had a kiss with an ex-boyfriend, then soon unpredictable events will happen in your life. Surprises will have a positive character and will fill you with joy.

Sex with an ex-boyfriend
Sex with an ex-boyfriend dreams of quarrels and conflicts. Your relationship will worsen and turn into enmity.

Try to limit communication with your ex-boyfriend. This will save you from a showdown and scandals.

Reconciliation with an ex-boyfriend

Reconciliation with an ex-boyfriend in a dream, according to the dream book, means receiving news from him. Such news will awaken old feelings and may push you to a rash act.

Don't let your emotions get the better of you. Avoid actions that you may regret later.

Wedding with an ex-boyfriend
A wedding with an ex–boyfriend in a dream is a negative omen. In the near future, troubles and worries await you. Probably, their source will be your current lover.

A conversation with an ex-boyfriend
A conversation with an ex-boyfriend in a dream vision means that soon he will make himself felt and ask for a resumption of the relationship. Also, such a dream indicates that you cannot get rid of thoughts about your former lover, blame yourself for the breakup and want to return it.

Try to get rid of thoughts about your ex–boyfriend - they will be an obstacle on the way to starting a new relationship and starting a family.

Death of an ex-boyfriend
The death of an ex–boyfriend in a dream is a good sign. Such a dream predicts a successful marriage with a decent man and a happy motherhood.

Be open to new love. Take a closer look at your fans – among them is your future life partner.

Meeting with an ex-boyfriend

Meeting with an ex-boyfriend in a dream book means that you are open to a new relationship. Soon a loved one will appear in your life, next to whom you will feel happy.

Quarrel with an ex-boyfriend
A quarrel with an ex-boyfriend in a haunted plot portends good luck in the field of love. You will meet an interesting person. Mutual feelings will arise between you and harmonious relations will be born.

Drunk ex-boyfriend
A drunk ex-boyfriend in a dream means that he is now going through a difficult period and is on the verge of emotional exhaustion.

If you have maintained a friendly relationship with your ex-boyfriend, call him and offer your support. He will be happy to help and reciprocate when you find yourself in a similar situation.

The ex-boyfriend of Freud's dream book
A dream in which a girl meets her ex-boyfriend can be a harbinger of a quarrel or discord with a real lover. A quarrel can also occur because a girl, unaware of the seriousness of the dream, will tell her boyfriend or husband about it, and because her man will instinctively feel that she is thinking about something else, even unconsciously.

Sex with an ex-boyfriend in a dream symbolizes hidden sexual desires, conscious or unconscious dissatisfaction.

Often, a dreamed ex-boyfriend symbolizes the beginning of a new relationship for a girl, a quick marriage or a marriage proposal.

The ex-boyfriend of Vanga's dream book

From Vanga's point of view, everything old means gone. That is, something that cannot be returned or should not be returned. This will become a burden or an obstacle in the formation of a new, happier life.

The former – to longing, suffering, the desire to return a past love or a departed person.

If you have a dream in which you and your ex–boyfriend are together again and happy - you have completely let him go and do not feel any feelings. Such a dream can be a harbinger of a new relationship that will grow into a marriage.

An ex-boyfriend often dreams of breaking off a relationship with a current boyfriend or an obstacle from relatives.

Ex-boyfriend according to a Modern dream book
To dream of people or objects to which the definition of former fits means that not everything has passed without a trace.

If in a dream you see your former lover – there is still a place for him in your heart.

If in your dream you are together, as if nothing had happened – in real life you have finally passed the pain of parting.

If you dreamed that you were meeting your former classmates, fellow students, colleagues, and so on – in the near future you will receive news from your friend who is now far away.

Ex-boyfriend in a Women's dream book

Why does a girl dream of an ex-boyfriend who doesn't think about him in reality? This is a subconscious desire to return the relationship.

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If the relationship ended on your initiative – perhaps you doubt whether you did the right thing or whether there was a good enough reason.

If the reason for the separation was his betrayal or the desire to break up with you – you have a dual desire to be with him again, and forget about him forever. In this case, it is better to pay attention to your current personal life, make new acquaintances and communicate with old friends.

It is undesirable to stay completely alone for a long time – this can become an impetus for you to make the wrong choice or make a decision that will affect your fate in a bad way. автор (author): ARTROSTRA

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In a dream, I saw an ex-boyfriend. What does it mean?