In a dream I saw water. What does it mean?

26.05.2024 The meaning of a dream about water is determined by its details. Clean water predicts good health, longevity, success in business and victories on the love front. Dirty water warns about diseases, money losses, professional failures and troubles. Do not ignore the signals that your subconscious sends you. Indifference to the warnings received can turn into a prolonged unfavorable period in your life for you.

Water according to Miller's dream book

To dream of clean water – foreshadows that a joyful prospect of well-being and pleasure awaits you.
If the water is muddy. You will be in danger and despondency will take the place of joy.

If you see that the water has flooded your house and is rising, it means that you will fight, resist evil, but if you see that the water is waning, you will succumb to a dangerous influence.

Falling into muddy water is a sign that you will make many bitter mistakes and will be painfully upset by it. Drinking muddy water foreshadows illness, but drinking clean and fresh is a sign of a favorable end to the wildest hopes.

Doing sports in the water means a sudden awakening of love and passion.

If you walk on wet ground and feel that your feet are getting wet, it portends trouble, illness and poverty, which will force you to solve difficult tasks, but you will be able to warn them with your vigilance. The same interpretation can be applied to the murky water filling the ship.

If you dream that splashes of water fall on your head, it means a passionate awakening of love, which will end happily.

The blue water and the beautiful white dinghy were symbols of disappointment in the long run.

To dream that you are drinking mineral water foreshadows good luck, which will favor your efforts and soon you will enjoy the opportunities presented to satisfy your long–standing cravings.

Water according to Freud's dream book

Water is one of the main symbols, as it is associated with conception and birth of children and orgasm, both male and female.
A stream or jet of water – symbolizes ejaculation.

To pour water is to strive for sexual contact, to desire a meeting with someone.

To rescue a woman from the water is to seek sexual contact with her.
To rescue a man from the water is to want a child from him.

To look into the water is to pay too much attention to your appearance and your health; a manifestation of narcissism.

If you swim in the water, you experience pleasant, sweet sensations from the caresses of a loved one (there are also people who suffered from enuresis in childhood; in this case, such dreams are not related to sex).

For women, swimming in the water also portends an early pregnancy.

Splashing with water – sexual fantasies that are unclear to you yourself; the desire for ejaculation.

Drinking water is a problem in the activity of the genitals.

Jump or enter the water – you want to have a baby or become a mother.

Getting out of the water is the same thing.

Water according to Vanga 's dream book

Water is a symbol of change, resolution of contradictions, evolution, renewal, washing away sins and oblivion.
In a dream, drink clean cold water – in reality the world will be renewed, and you will be involved in this process of purification and resurrection in a new capacity together with many people around you.

If you dreamed that water was pouring down on you from above, this is an omen of the coming wave of cosmic influence on you, which is unwise to resist.

If you manage to find harmony with the cosmos, you will become a great man and become famous all over the world.

To see muddy water is a sign of trouble, the complexity of situations and relationships with people. Show kindness and patience, otherwise you will stain your soul with unworthy impressions.

If in a dream you saw water flooding your house – in reality, wait for a stream of news, one of which will radically change your sense of self and relationships with people.

To drown in water is to resist the natural course of events in reality, as a result, to break your health and shorten your life.

To dream of circles or ripples on the surface of the water – you will hardly endure the coming changes, but by standing in this turbulent flow of events, you will gain power over yourself and other people.

Water according to Hasse 's dream book

Cold is happiness. To spill – you get carried away with the right thing; muddy – an obstacle; to drown in water – you will encounter obstacles; to cross into a ford – you will be freed from danger; to swim – you will be rehabilitated from suspicion; bathing – to get along with enemies; to drink cold water – health; to drink warm – illness; to be scalded with boiling water – to incur losses through carelessness; to walk on water – you will overcome all obstacles; to hear the sound of water – you will be sharply condemned.

Water according to the Family dream book
A dream in which you drank mineral water – foreshadows good luck. Soon you will enjoy the opportunities provided to you to satisfy long-standing passionate desires.

Water according to the latest dream book by G. Ivanov
Clean water – to health; to the fulfillment of conceived plans; to bathe in it – to healing (if you are ill).

Muddy water leads to a disease that will be safely cured by traditional medicine; being in dirty water leads to ailments, slander, gossip, accusations of non–existent sin are not excluded.

Pouring water – to surprise; to the presence of a negative program.

Pouring water is empty, meaningless conversations; it's a waste of effort.

Groundwater – a conspiracy is being formed against you at work (school).

To discover artesian waters is to achieve the goal; to drink is to enjoy the result.

Water according to the Spring dream book
Pumping water is for profit.

Muddy water – to dark matters, unclear and confusing.

To see how the water meter slides on the surface of the water means to easily get away from the troubles that will soon appear.

To feel hydrophobia leads to repentance.

To see clean water – to health, dirty – to gossip, boiling – to scandals.

To cross the flowing water without knowing about it is to happily avoid danger; to get caught in the rain – not by your own will to be in the center of events; to drown – to illness.

To see carbonated water or to drink it – to the pleasure or to the dissatisfaction of your curiosity.

Hot water leads to feelings.

A carafe of water – you will have to endure the tricks of your children.

The surface of the water – to a quiet life.

To drink a sip of water in a dream leads to self–doubt.

A handful of water – to recovery.

To see yourself in the underwater kingdom or under water is embarrassing.

To draw water – to profit.

To carry water – to the news.

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Water according to the Summer dream book

Pumping water from a pump is pumping money out of someone.
To see muddy water in the river after a flood leads to shallowing of the river.
To be afraid to enter the water in a dream is to resist any evil in reality.

To dream how your apartment is flooded: water pours from all the cracks, and it seems that it will never end – to a clash with neighbors.
Hot water – to gossip.

To dream of a carafe of water standing on a festively decorated table – to fullness, contentment with life.

To dream of a calm surface of water – to a stormy passion, as in the song it is sung: Love is not quiet water, but a stormy current.

Take a sip of water in a dream – in reality you just want to drink.

Mineral water – Take care of your health.

Cold water is happiness.

To draw water is hypocrisy.

Carrying water in buckets is lucky.

Water according to the Autumn dream book
To carry water in buckets – to profit.

Pumping water from the pump is laborious work.

Muddy water – dreams of clouding the mind.

If you are swimming in a river in a dream and are terribly afraid of drowning – in reality you will be afraid that you will be accused of something,

To dream of a boundless sea of water is a great success.

If you can't get a drink of hot water in a dream, expect big trouble.

To dream of a decanter without water at a time when you really want to drink – to hopeless grief.

The surface of the water – to calm.

Drink a sip of water in a dream – to the disease.

To draw water – to ruin, complete bankruptcy.

Water according to the dream book from A to Z

To see water in a dream – in general means abundance and wealth.
If the water is clean, I am not clouded – this foreshadows a joyful prospect full of pleasures and well-being.

Dirty water – you are in danger, and joy will be replaced by despondency.

To dream how tap water floods your apartment – foreshadows that you will fight, resisting adverse circumstances.

Walking in a dream on dew and getting your feet wet is a harbinger of illness and financial collapse, which you will be able to prevent only if you are careful and reasonable.

To fall into dirty water means that in reality you will make many such mistakes that will bring grief not only to you, but also to your loved ones.

Drinking muddy water in a dream is a sign of illness, warm water is a danger from a serious enemy, boiling water is fortunately clean and fresh – a sign of the safe return of a loved one.

Cold water – peace of mind, loyal friends.

Consecrated water – to quick success.

Seeing the water drying up is a change in the weather for the better.

Scooping water is a long occupation and a lot of trouble.

Spilling water in your room is a hassle and a hassle.

Cold water from a well or spring – to health.

To throw yourself into the water is to be pursued.

Diving into the water is a difficult situation.

Wash your hands – refuse the proposed case.

Drowning in water means encountering obstacles.

To wade across a pond or river is to get rid of danger.

Swim in the water – those who suspected you of something will be convinced of the groundlessness of their suspicions.

To see people bathing or washing in the water is to find a common language with the enemy.

Scalded with boiling water – suffer losses due to their own sluggishness.

Walking on water in a dream – you will overcome all obstacles on your way.

To hear the sound of water – you will suddenly be condemned.

Jumping over water is a sign of the fulfillment of some difficult task.

Watering something with water is sad.

See the waterfall – get important news.

If you dream that splashes of water fall on your head, it means hard work, failure, sadness and anxiety.

To dream of railway tracks flooded with water – misfortune will soon overshadow the joy of life, but not for long.

To see or drink mineral water in a dream – take care of your health.

To see others drinking it is a harbinger of good luck that will favor your efforts, and soon you will enjoy the opportunities provided to satisfy your long–standing cravings.

To dream of a water pump or pump out water with it is to avoid danger.

To drop something into the well water - you will not endure the unfavorable situation that has arisen due to your abuse of your power.

To fall into the well water is a harbinger of despair, which will cover you with false news.

Water according to Fedorovskaya 's dream book
If you dreamed that you were washing your face with water, troubles will fall on you, and from the side from where you least expect them.

Pouring water in a dream is a great grief.

You dreamed that you poured out the water – there is a danger ahead that will not be so easy to avoid.

In a dream, you pour water into a vessel - minor troubles await you.

A carafe of water – predicts a pleasant date.

If you dreamed that you were looking at your reflection in the water, you will soon become seriously ill.

Walking on water in a dream is a great joy.

If you dreamed that you were pumping water, you will be successful in business.

A dream in which you are doused with water means: they will arrange a trick for you.

Water according to the Esoteric dream book
Water is clean to health, positive result, positive.

Dirty – unpleasant work, negative result, negative.

Water according to the dream book of a modern woman
To dream of clean water means joy, improvement of well–being, a lot of pleasure.

Drinking clean and fresh water is a sign of a favorable completion of the most daring endeavors.

Muddy water – foreshadows danger or despondency.

Falling into muddy water is a sign that you will make many bitter mistakes.

Drinking muddy water leads to illness.

If you dream that water has flooded your home and continues to rise at the same time – you will fight and resist evil.

If, on the contrary, the water decreases – give in to a dangerous influence.

If you dream of splashes of water falling on your head, it means the awakening of passionate love that will bring you happiness.

Water according to Azar 's dream book

To sit in the water – be careful, people are gossiping about you. The water is hot – to the shame. If the water is clean, well–being. Floating on a tree on water – unfulfilled hopes. A stream with clear water is a pleasant future. Lettuce wash in water – happiness, luck. To hear the sound of water – in reality you will hear an oath. A well with muddy water – bad prospects for the future

swimming in muddy water is a small change in position

muddy water is an obstacle

muddy creek – incur losses and losses

swimming in muddy water – obstacles

Water according to Evgeny Tsvetkov 's dream book
To drink clean water – fortunately; muddy – to illness; warm – to chagrin, illness.

Walking in muddy water is a disappointment for the better.

Immersion in water – to get into a difficult situation in a personal one.

To wash – to joy, liberation.

Pouring is a shame, a mistake.

Watering leads to loss.

To draw water is woe.

Looking at the waterfall is a terrible encounter.

Water splashed on his head – an unexpected passion.

Water gushed out from under the floor - secret enemies, unexpected, unforeseen obstacles; from the walls – penetration, defenselessness.

The source is dangerous credulity.

Water according to a Modern dream book

To see a calm, smooth surface means that your life will be easy and carefree.
If the water was restless, the following days will be full of worries and worries.
If you saw your reflection in the water in a dream – in some ways you will deceive yourself.

Reflection of strangers and objects – foreshadows deception and disappointment.

To dream of clean water – to prosperity and pleasure.

If the water is dirty, you are in danger and pleasure will be replaced by gloomy despondency.

To see that water floods your house – predicts the fight against evil. But until the water subsides, you will be in danger.

To see yourself bailing out water and with wet feet is a harbinger of troubles, troubles and diseases that will cause you a lot of trouble and that you will overcome thanks to your foresight. The same meaning has a dream – in which muddy water floods the ship.

Falling into dirty water is a sign that you will make many hurtful mistakes and will suffer bitterly from their consequences.

Drinking dirty water leads to illness; drinking it clean leads to a favorable fate and happy hopes for the future.

Playing and splashing in the water means an unexpected awakening of passion and love.

Splashing water on your head is a sign that your passion will be mutual.

If you dream that you are at a spring with sparkling water – it promises you joy and satisfaction after numerous exhausting trials.

Treating others to this or that delicious chilled drink in a dream is a sign that your efforts will be rewarded, even if at the moment it seems to you that your future is full of contradictions.

To dream that you are engaged in water slalom means that an avalanche of problems will fall on you and you will have to literally swim out of them.

If you are studying water slalom, be extremely careful in choosing friends. They can give you an unpleasant surprise.

A person who dreamed that he was climbing a gutter will achieve his goal illegally.

To fall off the gutter is a warning sign, you should not commit a crime, exposure will follow immediately.

The one who moved down the gutter in a dream will be able to get out of a delicate situation in a very unexpected way.

If you dream that you are drinking mineral water, it is a sign that fate will be kind to your endeavors and you will be glad of the opportunities that have opened up to fulfill your innermost desire.

Water according to the dream book of Schiller the Schoolboy
pure and transparent good fame, success and prosperity; muddy, dirty, dark sadness, resentment, gossip and damage in business.

Water according to the dream book of Catherine the Great
You dream of clear, calm water – a good dream; it portends abundance for you; it's time to open chests and caskets and fill them with good; you will have good prospects. You dream of muddy water – your well–being is shaky; your well-being is under threat; joy goes away, despondency comes. The water seems to flood your house – the dream says that evil has taken up arms against you; you will be subjected to great trials and dangers. You drink pure water – good luck awaits you. You drink dirty water – you will get sick, and it will not be easy to recover from this disease. It's as if you stumbled and fell into dirty water – financial difficulties await you, and you decide to waste other people's funds; it is possible that you will be caught in this. Cold water dreams of recovery, health promotion. Warm water leads to illness.

Water according to the Noble dream book by N.Grishina

Water is the unconscious forces of the soul and, above all, the world of feelings; it can be the personification of animals or an unconscious return to a childishly naive worldview, but also a symbol of inertia, passivity, and therefore hindrances and diseases.

Pure means joy, something good.

Muddy, dirty, gloomy – everything unfavorable and above all sadness.

Drinking clean and well water is health.

Swimming in clean water is a carefree life, recovery.

Swimming in the pond is a hassle.

Swimming in dirty and muddy water is a disease, an accusation.

To see children bathing is a joy for parents.

Diving is a misfortune / dangerous self–knowledge.

Drinking muddy or warm water is sad.

Boiling water is happiness.

Water according to the dream book of the healer Akulina
Clean – to health, muddy – to trouble. Drinking water is the fulfillment of an old dream. Imagine crystal clear water, cool and fresh. Wash with this water, drink it, swim in it. If there is muddy water in a dream, let it be cleaned with powerful filters.

Water according to the Italian psychoanalytic dream book by A.Roberti

Water is the desire to have children. In a dream, birth is always associated with water. To enter or leave the water means to be born or to give birth (i.e. to give birth or to be born themselves in a spiritual sense). Water symbolizes the amniotic fluid in which the baby is in the mother's womb.

Water according to the dream book of the Otavalos Indians
If you dreamed of crystal clear water, you will meet an honest person, dirty water – dishonest.

Water according to Vrublevskaya's dream
book, See different manifestations of water, for example, River, Sea, etc.

Water according to the Folklore dream book
Pouring water is a shame, a disgrace.

An additional idiom: pouring water – talking nonsense, gossiping.

Water according to a Psychological dream book
Water is a universal symbol of the unconscious, emotions, sometimes secrets, danger.

Coming out of the water is a symbol of birth (perhaps the birth of a new idea, a new period in life).

Water according to the dream book of the healer Fedorovskaya

What water dreams about is Trouble. It's bad to swim across the river. Swimming in dirty water leads to illness.

Water according to a Modern dream book
Clean water – luck, well–being, muddy, dirty - depression, resentment, gossip

Water according to the English dream book
In most cases, water symbolizes the spirit, and especially emotions: both can cause thirst, purify and refresh, and can drown or make you drown, depending on the context. What is the dream about: What form did the water take? Have you immersed yourself in it, enjoyed it, or used it for something? Did she bring you back to life or threaten you?

What does Water mean in a dream – Water is one of the substances necessary for life; you can live much longer without food than without water. What a dream is about: Dreams in which you drink a lot of water mean that you feel dry – without emotions, without feelings, without ideas, especially if you can't quench your thirst in a dream.

Water according to the Big dream book
Water – To drink clean – to happiness; muddy – to illness; what dreams of blue, blue water – meeting; cold – health; to go in muddy water – disappointment; immersion in water – to get into a difficult situation in personal; to wash – to joy, liberation; to wash your hands – a difficult situation (for the patient), detachment from business (for healthy); pouring water – to shame a mistake; watering – to loss; preparing to dive – a risky business, a quick temptation; rushing into the water – to be pursued; water gushed from under the floor – secret enemies, an unexpected obstacle; from the walls – penetration, defenselessness.

Water according to Phoebe's big dream book

Water – all your ailments will disappear without a trace, you will be absolutely healthy. Imagine any reservoir with absolutely clear, crystal clear water, through which the bottom is clearly visible. The surface of the water is smooth and Calm, illuminated Through by the sun. You go into the water up to your ankles. It is pleasantly cool, refreshing. You walk calmly on the water, and at the same time it remains the same clean and transparent. автор (author): ARTROSTRA

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In a dream I saw water. What does it mean?